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Working From Home: Our Members' Experiences

By Alanna Melville (and all the members)

Like everyone else in Australia, and around the world, our members are following government guidelines and working from home if they can during this time.

However, we have also made sure to stay connected! We've increased our events to every Monday night to keep people busy and in touch with their fellow members! (Check out our Facebook page at Adelaide City Rotaract Club to see our events)

We are also staying connected on Slack, and all our members have shared their new normal, their working from home setups, and things that they are doing. Read on to get a glimpse into how isolation looks for some of our members!


Taking over the whole kitchen table - nice and close to her lizard too!


We love his Simpsons poster!


Working towards her PhD from home.


Working so hard to keep school going for her kids! Round of applause for all teachers right now.


A multi-purpose desk with isolation activities, home workout info, friends for company and (boring) study.


Unfortunately is working less, but she has beautiful plants to keep her company at home!


Studying from home


Has set up a double home work space opposite Karagh


Her cat is enjoying her being home more at night!

How's your isolation/working from home going? We hope to see you at one of our online events soon!

And if you need support studying from home, check out this article:

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