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Our 2020-21 Board Member Changeover Event, Saturday 4th July, 2020.

There was an abundance of energy and excitement in the air as we all arrived to the Adelaide City Rotaract Club, 2020-2021 board changeover. Being the first face to face meeting we’d had together in 4 months, it was a fantastic feeling to walk into The Café Outside The Square, a 100% not-for-profit community café. Café Outside the Square provides support and training opportunities for marginalised groups, including those experiencing homelessness.

We were fortunate enough to have District Governor 9500 Jane Owens and her partner David, 2020-2021 District Governor David Jones and his partner Lyn, 2019-2020 Present of Adelaide Light Rotary Club Katrina Ball, President of Adelaide Light Rotary Club Rob McLennon, Adelaide Light RC Liasosn for 2020-21 John Wotherspoon.

Also among our very special guests was the 2019-2020 District Rotaract Representative Liz Garner and her partner Tyler, Charter ACRC President Catherine Macleod, 2019-2020 Salisbury Rotaract Club President Damien Walker, 2020-2021 Salisbury Rotaract Club President Daniel Niutta and past ACRC presidents Kirsti Kankkunen, Paige Honor and Katey Halliday all in attendance to support our club at this important event.

We began our afternoon with Isaac Thiele-Swift, a Member of our club’s Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group. Isaac gave an acknowledgement and welcome to country, in respect of the land on which we stood, which is that of the indigenous Kaurna people. The day’s proceedings included an update on the year that was, acknowledgement of the 2019-2020 board and the introduction of the new 2020-2021 board. We also enjoyed wise words of wisdom and encouragement from dignitaries who attended.

Paige Honor, a previous Adelaide City Rotaract Club President, provided a fantastic toast to Rotary International, that new District Governor David Jones replied to. There were lots of photos taken on the day, the first time we’d all had our picture taken in a long time! But it was a nice feeling to have this opportunity surrounded by so many passionate people who want to see our world become a better place. A guest book was passed around to create further memories, this will be something special to keep and look back on in the years to come.

All in all, everyone who attended had a great time! We were all reunited in-person, gaining the human interaction we had been craving for so long. We were given the opportunity to properly catch up with old friends and make new ones too! It was great to continue our conversations at Sparkke at the Whitmore (another awesome business, female founded and led, it’s a for purpose alcohol company). Socializing at Sparkke's rooftop bar with the afternoon sunlight beaming in was a wonderful way of ending a beautiful winter's day.

More Photographs from the day:


By Myriah Powley,




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