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My Time at RYLA 2019

By Martin McClean

So I just want to start by saying that I hope that I never have to hear the Benny Hill theme song while getting ready to go somewhere! Now that I have gotten the most negative point out of the way, let's get on with the great stuff!

My first impression of RYLA, given to me from others, was that it's something that is designed to allow you to challenge yourself and find understanding. Even then, there wasn't much information about what it actually was until I was physically there. From my experience that made for an interesting challenge!

Some great memories at RYLA were about some of the interesting activities. Things that help with building skillsets like teamwork, overcoming obstacles, learning to accept who you are, goal setting, and importantly learning more about the other people who were at RYLA and building friendships with them.

There were other great things like the cafeteria, where we had great food and the opportunity to learn about each other. Other times when we had free time for doing whatever, we played a game called "Ultimate Werewolf" a few nights. Another time we played "Spotlight" and other times when people had dance parties. All fun!

The best part of RYLA was just how open and warm everyone was. It was definitely one of the best environments for learning. This actually allowed me to push myself that little bit more than I might usually have, at least in a social sense anyway. It has left me feeling much more confident about being social.

I wish that I could say more, I could probably write a few pages worth but I have to limit myself to a short article!

I think that it needs to be said that I am very thankful to the Rotary and Rotaract communities, and everyone else involved for giving us RYLA. A special thank you to the Gawler Rotary club for my sponsorship.

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