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Celebrating Wear it Purple Day with Out for Australia & within our ACRC club!

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

On Tuesday the 25th of Aug I participated in the early celebration of Wear It Purple Day, hosted by LGBT Rotarians and Friends Fellowship and Rotary Club of Strathmore, Victoria. We enjoyed a fantastic evening with discussions centred around how far we've come as a society and within Rotarary and Rotaract (especially here in Australia). This year marks the 10 year anniversary for Wear It Purple Day, which occurs on Friday the 28th August, and what a remarkable amount of change has happened in the past decade!

It was a privilege to attend as a guest and to be present to hear Ezra Dickson, an influential and inspiring LGBTIQ+ advocate. A true leader who shines through their lived experience, Ezra has made huge progress within Victorian LGBTIQ+ progress. As a transgender, neurodiverse, non-binary, queer and Jewish individual, Ezra is captivated by and energised to understand and support queer and other identities, especially in the workplace and within education systems. Ezra is the State Director for Victoria for Out For Australia, an organisation which provides visible role models, mentors, content and targeted support to aspiring LGBTIQ professionals for both professionals and students.

"Our vision is to create an Australia where every LGBTIQ student and aspiring professional is confident to be their authentic self in workplaces which celebrate diversity." -Out For Australia.

Ezra Dickson.

All in all it was a wonderful night!

By Amanda Barns,

Marketing Director.

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