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BACK PACKS FOR KIDS: How your support will have an impact!

By Louise Kitto

I work in a Category 1 school, which means our students have an educational disadvantage based on socio-economic status. So, some of our families and children need a lot of support before they are ready to learn at school and access the curriculum.

When our club started to brainstorm what the proceeds of the Quiz Night would go towards, the idea of supporting a local school was raised. The club has been wanting to do something for a while now to support disadvantaged children and after brainstorming different ideas we decided that one of the most impactful projects we could support was to build backpacks that were filled with essential school supplies.

Many children bring a lot of baggage to school and not in the form of possessions! We are building these bags in the hope they will provide a small piece comfort to children whose families can’t afford what most of us take for granted.

Whether that is a child who is a new arrival to Australia, a child who has recently moved and transferred schools to escape domestic violence, a child whose family is in an ongoing cycle of poverty or a child whose wellbeing will benefit from having a backpack full of their own things that they can truly call their own.

Each donation will include:

-a backpack

-water bottle

-lunch box -notebook -socks

-pencil case






-hair brush/comb

-hair accessories -tooth brush -toothpaste -bouncy ball/game

Thank you for your support, I know first-hand how this will impact on the students and I can’t wait to see the smiles on their faces!

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