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ACRC's Recipe for a Fantastic Quiz Night

Written by Paige Honor

Ingredients: - 12 weeks - One whole organising committee - One MC - 5 rounds of questions - 1 gelato cart (thank you Gelatissimo!) - Sprinkle of amazing sponsors (Karrans of Hyde Park, Bounce Inc, National Pharmacies, ZooSA, The Royal Adelaide Show, Madam Brew, Holey Moley, The Capri, Palace Nova, MegaAdventure, Food Tours Australia) - 200 attendees

Method: Take your 12 weeks and organising committee, combine with regular meetings.

(After 8 weeks the run sheet will form, set aside for use later.)

Contact as many local businesses as possible for sponsorship.

Set up an online booking manager for the attendees.

Promote your quiz night with social media and email.

To bring together on the night: Arrange your sponsors’ donations in to a silent auction.

Divide attendees into groups of 10.

Warm up your card payment device (and then again, and again when the Bluetooth doesn’t connect).

Bring MC to the stage and combine with the runsheet set aside earlier.

The result should be a room of attendees having a fun evening in support of your chosen cause.

If you’d like to know more about running a quiz night feel free to get in touch!

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