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7 years of ACRC

By Paige Honor

Adelaide City Rotaract Club is 7 years old! Here are 7 reasons why you should join us:

1-We have fun! Volunteering isn’t all hard work; we get to make friends and have some laughs while we are volunteering in the community. Check out our Facebook to see us in action.

2-Rotaract is global. By joining your local Rotaract club (or us, Adelaide City Rotaract) you will discover a worldwide network of Rotaractors. You can make plenty of opportunities to travel and meet Rotaractors overseas as well. Keep an eye on social media for some of us who are attending the Rotary International Convention in Hawaii next year (2020).

3-Volunteering is good for you (A, B). Volunteering triggers the reward pathway in the brain releasing the feel-good hormone oxytocin. Delicious! It can also strengthen your mental health and make you feel healthier.

4-Develop your skills. Adelaide City Rotaract Club is the perfect place to develop some new skills or hone some old ones. Want to try out social media management, event coordination, graphic design, website development/management, or project management in a supportive environment? Rotaract is for you! All these things (and many more) go into running a Rotaract club and we’re the perfect low-stakes environment in which you can explore these topics.

5-Beef out your resume. Take on major projects such as organising a quiz night fundraiser for 200 attendees to spice up your resume and make you stand out from the crowd.

6-Mentoring. Rotaract has a valuable partnership with Rotary and we have an incredible depth and breadth of knowledge stored in our Rotarians. Whether in a structured mentoring program or casual chat there is always something new to learn.

7-Last but not least; contribute to your local and global community. Rotaract has many avenues in which you can get your hands dirty and make the world a better place. Some of my favourites include working on the ShelterBox stall at WOMADelaide, landscaping at a women’s shelter, and packing Backpacks full of essentials for local underprivileged primary students.

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